Rate Card Effective November 15, 2016


Minimum 25,000 copies distributed free of charge to all identified Alberta Golf member courses, clubs and associations in Alberta; Alberta Golf tournaments, key industry retailers, professional associations and advertisers, trade and consumer shows, and other golf promotion opportunities.

Special Events

The Alberta Golfer is very active in the golf marketplace in Alberta and is represented at virtually all major golf events throughout the province.

Mechanical Requirements

Magazine Trim Size: 8.375” wide x 10.875” high.

Printing Method: Offset, sheetfed.

Screen Size: Halftones, 150-line screen.

Advertiser's Proofs:Advertiser’s proofs are required to accompany all ads.

Storage of Material: Electronic files and proofs will be kept for one year, unless other instructions are received from the advertiser.

Binding Method: Single fold, perfect binding.

Ad Submission: To ensure a quality product, The Alberta Golfer will only accept the following file types. All advertising must be submitted digitally at a resolution of 300 DPI.

Preferred File Types: EPS, TIF or press qualiyty PDFs with crop marks.

Alberta Golfer

PDF File Requirements: All fonts & images embedded, resolution of 300 DPI, and colour converted to CMYK process.

Other File Types Accepted: Adobe CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) for Macintosh.

Compressed Files: Stuffit or Zip self-extracting archives for Macintosh.

Release: Spring, Annually.

Production Services: Can be provided by publication, costs for same will be billed to advertiser, additional to cost of advertising space. Production includes design, artwork, and file archiving.

Proof: Shall be provided upon client’s written request. Publisher reserves the right to edit copy received.

Editorial: Advertising and articles are independent and no advertising shall be placed as a condition of editorial coverage.

Payment: On invoice, 2% per month on unpaid accounts.

Important Notes:

  • Please include all linked artwork and fonts.
  • Microsoft Word (.doc) files are not accepted.
  • All colour ads must be submitted in CMYK.
  • Advertisers should not use images found on the Internet, as they are generally low resolution RGB pictures that print poorly on an offset press.
  • Please avoid using generic names to label files. All supporting images should have file names that include the prefix of the initials of the advertiser’s company EXAMPLE: Adamsgolf.eps, NikeAd.tif, etc. Do not label your ad “GolferAd.eps”

Social Shout-Out:

Social media is becoming a must have for every business. The ability to reach your targeted audience on a large scale has never been more attainable. For the 2016 Alberta Golfer, advertisers who purchase a Full Page or Double Full Page advertisements will have the opportunity be a part of our ‘Social Shout-Out’.

Social Shout-Outs will give the advertisers the opportunity to distribute their message to thousands of avid golfers, golf enthusiasts and golf industry influencers through our Twitter and Instagram platforms. Showcase your business through high-quality video, photos and clickable links.

Advertisers will be given one Social Shout-Out and they can choose whether they would like to target their tweets during ‘High-Season’ (April to September) or ‘Low-Season’ (October to March).

High-Season advertisers can expect each of their Social Shout-Outs to reach a minimum of 1000 golf industry, targeted views.

Low-Season advertisers can expect each of their Social Shout-Outs to reach a minimum of 500 golf industry, targeted views.

*Note: Please insure no text or logos are within .5" of trim. Background bleed off add 1/8" on outside trim.